Family counseling uses proven relationship counseling methods to help you better understand your relationships, improve your communication and interaction, solve issues, and feel good about one another. 

Who Is Family Counseling For?

  • Members of the household may be involved
  • Immediate, extended, or intergenerational family members may be invited
  • Depending on the need, sessions can involve different combinations of family members (parents, parent/child, siblings, parents and grandparents, etc.)

How Do We Know If We Need It?

  • Problems may start individually or in relationships, but all family members may affect and be affected by them
  • Families can reorient around the problem and unknowingly reinforce it
  • Problems often reoccur or emerge in another place if the system stays the same

What Does Family Counseling Involve?

  • Individual problems are understood in the context of the family relationship system
  • A path of Individual and relationship change is developed
  • Mutual responsibility is emphasized and blame is eliminated
  • Family members are helped to interact in ways that solve the issue and are more satisfying
  • Education and skill training, like parenting training and communication skills, can be  important to recovery

What are some typical problems that family counseling is effective for?

  • Child behavior problems, temper tantrums, and oppositional defiance
  • Adolescent and adult alcohol and drug abuse
  • Depression and anxiety disorders
  • Some kinds of grief, loss, and trauma

How Long Does it Take?

  • The healing process can be fast or slow depending of the extent of the problem(s)
  • Some members will have more sessions and involvement than others
  • An estimate of the number of sessions is made after the initial assessment
  • Length of treatment depends on progress toward the family’s goals
  • Fees are discussed when you Contact Us

Who Does Family Counseling?

  • Family counseling is a specialized form of therapy that takes specific training
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are uniquely trained in relationship therapies
  • Other counselors may have training in family counseling
  • Always ask about a counselor’s training, license, and experience
  • Read our

Combine Family Counseling with Skill Training

Couple and family counseling usually include informal relationship education and skill training, but you pay far more for private tutoring by a counselor than you would for a workshop. More than that, there are many advantages to small group education. The content is organized systematically and presented with teaching methods that are known to work. Many supplemental materials (workbooks, handouts, video clips, exercises, online resources) are made available to help you. You learn from others who are wrestling with the same issues, while still getting personalized help and feedback. Workshops are done in a safe, confidential environment when you are not in the midst of stressful issues. Workshops speed up the counseling process, move you through painful issues more quickly, and reduce the cost and number of counseling sessions needed. We provide integrated counseling and education services that are available in bundled packages to give you the lowest possible rates for both. You get the best of both worlds in the most efficient way possible. 

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