Parenting IQ Test

  1. Although not ideal, spanking is an effective form of discipline.  T or F
  2. Children need nurturing more than discipline.  T or F
  3. Arguing in front of children is OK, so long as there’s no violence.  T or F
  4. Defiance is effectively addressed with more parental authority.  T or F
  5. Kids learn responsibility by following the rules.  T or F
  6. Psychological attachment to parents is necessary for normal brain development in children.  T or F
  7. Children get along better when parents stop sibling arguments.  T or F
  8. Confiding in a child about personal issues strengthens the parent-child relationship.  T or F
  9. Allowing kids to do what they want teaches them decision making.  T or F
  10. All children try to manipulate by playing one parent against the other.  T or F

All of our IQ tests are based on research evidence and the knowledge of relationship scholars. Check out our tips on the right side of the page to read about the findings and principles behind our IQ tests. In the future we want you to be able to compare your score to other groups: therapists, physicians, pastors, teachers, couples, singles. Donate to our non-profit organization so that we can conduct this important research.

How did you do? Answers are as follows: 

1. F     2. F     3. T     4. F     5. F     6. T     7. F     8. F     9. T     10. T

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